Tax Planning Abroad



Keeping finances and tax arrangements in order can often seem like one long chore, especially if you’re self-employed or run your own business. If you’re planning to move abroad then it’s important that you fully understand your tax position, not only in the UK but in the country you’re moving to.


Tax planning is a complex business. Different countries have different tax laws. You also have to consider the different tax years. If you’re already confused by what you need to sort out in the way of tax planning then your first move should be to consult a financial advisor. At this time before you set sail for another country, a financial advisor will be your best ally, navigating you through the often complex world of tax planning and the tax system of another country.


Tax planning when moving abroad is a service we offer here at Montfort. We’ll help you face any tax-related challenges you have to get through. We also have access to tax experts who can advise on the tax laws of other countries. We’ll ensure you have peace of mind regarding all your tax arrangements before you leave the UK.


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