Overseas Pension Advice In Guildford


Are you migrating from the UK? No doubt you’ll want to take your pension along with you. It’s always advisable to seek advice on when best to transfer your pension and how to do it to ensure maximum value.

The pensions market is always in flux, always changing, and always unpredictable. And that’s just in the UK. You can’t be expected to be an expert on the pension rules of the country you’re planning to resettle in, and that’s where we come in.

Montfort can offer the advice and guidance you need concerning both the UK and overseas pension market. We can help you find your way through it all, clarifying your financial position and recommending the best steps for you to take.

Global financial planning is not an easy thing to get your head around. So why not seek the help and support you need from Montfort? We’ll clarify your financial affairs and make sure that when you transfer you pension, you get maximum value.

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