Moving Pensions Abroad Advice


Are you moving abroad or retiring overseas? Do you plan to transfer your pension but are not sure how to go about it? Seeking professional and impartial advice is the answer.

A sun-filled retirement is what many of us dream of, but if you’re escaping to sunnier climes then there will be much to prepare first, not least all your financial affairs and UK pension. Naturally, you’ll probably want to take your pension with you.

Pension rules change regularly. The minute you get used to one rule, it changes. The team at Montfort keeps up to date with the ever-changing market. It’s our job to. This allows us to offer the best possible advice on when and how to transfer your UK pension to maximise value – and to make sure you don’t lose value.

We’ll carry out an analysis of the pensions you hold, and then we’ll guide and advise you on how to restructure your pensions before you leave to start a new life abroad.

Montfort can deliver the best solution for you when it comes to your financial affairs.

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