Moving Finances Overseas



Moving overseas? It’s important to plan ahead and seek the guidance of a financial advisor who can help you to transfer your finances and recommend what to do before and after you depart the UK.

Not only do you have to consider the financial implications of moving abroad, but there will also be opportunities you could take or concessions which you may be eligible for (an advisor will be able to inform you of these) and it’s important to be aware.

Do you want to set up an international bank account before you head overseas? Do you have debts in the UK? Do you have pensions and investments? When moving finances overseas, a financial advisor will need to form a complete picture of what you have and what needs to be done. Getting your finances in order is not always easy, but the earlier you seek the help of a financial advisor prior to departure, the better.

For help with moving your finances overseas, look to Montfort. We provide financial services for those looking to emigrate. We will help you to make sense of your finances.

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