Moving Finances Abroad


If you’re thinking of relocating overseas, good financial planning is important in order to avoid mistakes - mistakes which could prove costly. There are options you will need to consider, and you will want to protect your financial investments. You will need to organise your finances, pension plan, tax arrangements, investments and properties prior to relocation. Whether you’re a young professional taking a job abroad or reaching your retirement years and keen to settle in warmer climes, moving your finances abroad is never easy, and you will do well to seek professional advice.

Regardless as to where you are emigrating to, Montfort can help you to move your finances abroad successfully. You don’t want to arrive at your new home only to find a lot of finance-related problems. An independent financial advisor will be able to provide all the support you need to make sure you get it right.

So what’s our approach? We will arrange a consultation. This will allow us to assess your financial position before devising a strategy. You want your pensions and investments to work for you, and you will want your money to be transferred as tax efficiently as possible. Montfort can deliver the solution.