Financial Planning For Migrants

Planning to relocate? It’s not simply a case of packing a suitcase or two and notifying your bank, there is naturally a lot to consider before you leave one country for another. Whether you plan to settle temporarily or permanently in a new location, financial planning is vital.

Montfort International is a UK-based financial advisory firm established with the express aim of providing financial advice to migrants. With an associate network which helps those wanting to migrate to Australia and New Zealand, we’re also qualified to give specialist advice on tax, pensions, investments and financial planning worldwide. We also have clients returning to or moving to the UK who require financial advice.

When it comes to financial planning for migrants, our aim is to maximise your migration wealth as you leave the UK. We need to understand your financial situation before we can administer financial planning advice. Once we know your financial situation we will then find a financial solution.

Are you moving abroad to work or are you planning to retire? Do you need to buy a home abroad? Are you moving back to the UK? We will look at your finances now and consider where you plan to be in the future. No more finance-related problems, only solutions with Montfort.