Financial Advisors In Guildford


Expats need a plan when moving abroad – they need a financial plan. It’s prudent to make a financial task list before you move to make sure that everything is considered and accounted for before you leave the UK.

There are many reasons to move abroad, whether it be to retire in a warmer/sunnier climate or for a great job opportunity. You can experience a different culture and try a new way of life. By sorting out your finances early, you can make the move more easily and settle into life in a new location feeling happier and more settled. Why worry about your financial situation when you get there? You’ll want to be looking forward, not back.

Our financial advisors here at Montfort can help you to make sense of your finances before you move, ensuring your peace of mind. We will gain a clear and complete picture of your financial situation before advising you and making recommendations.

If you’re migrating from the UK, then Montfort’s financial advisors can provide the expertise you need. We can help you navigate through your financial situation, making sure everything is in order.