Emigration Financial Advice



Planning to emigrate from the UK? Do you need to generate a regular income in your adopted country?

Emigrating to another country can be stressful. You’ll probably find yourself creating lots of ‘to do’ lists in the hope of not forgetting anything, but in the mad rush it’s important to consider things like exchange rates, tax implications, and all other aspects of financial planning. By planning properly, you can boost your savings and investments to give yourself a better quality of life once you’re there.

To ensure maximum value from your savings and investments, look to Montfort for financial advice. Without professional guidance and support you could be liable to pay high rates of tax in another country. You could even suffer a 55% unauthorised payment charge if the appropriate steps aren’t taken. This doesn’t need to happen. Simply get in touch or give us a call.

Financial planning can seem like a minefield, while moving to another country is no walk in the park either. There will be a lot to consider, and a lot to organise. We can make things easier on you by clarifying your financial situation and guiding you through the process of financial planning.